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Mendix 7 to build apps at the speed of ideas

At Mendix World 2016 the latest and greatest release of Mendix is announced. In this blog I will present my view on the new features and why they are important to you and the rest of the Mendix community. In other blogs I have addressed reducing complexity and keeping...

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Look before you leap

My mom used to say this to me as a child: “First think, then act.” I often think of this motto ‘look before you leap’ when creating software solutions. In the past, we used to develop using the so-called waterfall method. In this highly sequential development process,...

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IoT – Service with a human touch

1990 – H2H Hello, this is Jim speaking, how may I help you? Does this sound familiar? This was in a time where people called Jim (or preferably visit him at his desk) and explained their problem to him. Jim was understandable and comforting and tried to fix the...

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A Day In The Life… Of Joost Stapersma

My name is Joost Stapersma and I work as a Mendix Business Engineer at Mansystems Nederland B.V. By writing this short story I would like to describe my typical working day at a relatively small IT company located in the vibrant city of Barneveld (actually it’s a...

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The Service of Things

The Internet of Things will have a major impact. How will it influence the way companies organise their service and does it impact the customer’s expectation of service. A couple of weeks ago when I was driving, or rather when I was stuck in traffic, I looked at two...

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Top 10 performance improvement tips for Mendix

As promised a few blogs ago, I have written this blog with my top 10 performance improvement tips for Mendix. This blog is technical in nature and assumes knowledge of the Mendix modeler and some infrastructure knowledge, like what a database index does or how web...

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Do you feel the need for speed?

Many tools offer you an increased productivity in what you’re doing. There are a lot of different tools on the market and it’s often difficult to choose the right tool for the job. In 2010 Mansystems has chosen Mendix for the promise of easy and fast development. Back...

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Agile lifecycle – The support side of life

RECAP In my previous blog, ‘Agile lifecycle – The project side of life‘, I explained the benefits of the agile way of working in projects. Transparency, communication and fixed versus variable aspects are key in agile project management. But if you look at the...

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